It’s perhaps all too easy to ‘talk the talk’ rather than ‘walk the walk’. Kite Media has been inspired by, worked with and learnt from some real heavy hitters over the years. And they all know the value of flying with Kite Media consultancy.


Let’s go fly a kite
up to the highest height
let’s go fly a kite
and send it soaring

The Sherman Brothers




A kite is a fish you have already caught, in a pool where no fish come

Leonard Cohen


I hired Paul for his first job at BBC Worldwide back in 1994. It was quickly obvious that he was destined to develop into a top sales professional and business leader and I was delighted when he was appointed to run BBC Audiocall, a business I founded. He continued to progress through the organisation trusted with many high profile ventures gaining invaluable knowledge of complex technologies along the way. Paul makes doing business “serious fun” – always personable, always professional. Everything he does is underpinned by a clear knowledge of the area under scrutiny and he listens – a somewhat rare skill in our industry. I expect great things of Kite Media and look forward to seeing it flourish.

Caroline Griffiths, Media Entreprenuer

What you get with Paul is leadership, honesty, a ‘sleeves rolled up’ approach and commercial acumen. His experiences – good & bad – at BBC Worldwide have helped him become a serious media professional. A great networker, on the few occasions he will not know the answer you can be assured he “knows a man that would”.

Mark Young, Media Entreprenuer

Paul was a great supporter and partner of one of my businesses (4th) and we developed a strong collaboration licensing BBC content. We were just starting up and Paul liked and believed in the business – he was prepared to spend time working through opportunities and he took something of a risk. I’m delighted to see him striking out with Kite Media and his attitude, application and commercial acumen will I’m sure deliver real benefit to clients.

Mike Anstey, Media Entreprenuer

Paul first contacted me when I was starting my business myvideorights (subsequently Base 79) and he wanted to see whether there were opportunities for us to work together. He was also concerned that I was moving into his territory as the original idea for my business was similar to that of BBC Motion Gallery. It became clear that we got on, could work together and that the relationship would be a proactive, considered one. Paul remained a supporter of Base 79 through to its sale early in 2014 and his dynamic approach to sales and business development will stand him in good stead as he launches Kite Media. Paul knows the market, is diligent and works hard – key attributes in the consultancy sector. I look forward to our working together soon.

Ashley MacKenzie, Media Entreprenuer