If your kite gets stuck in a tree or is taken on the breeze, you might need some help. With 20 years experience in the media industry – encompassing digital, broadcast and production, archive, telecoms and the learning market – sometimes it’s best to have someone looking in to make sure that your kite doesn’t become entangled.



Kites rise highest against the wind, not with it

Winston Churchill


  • Getting Started – Kite Media will help work up business plans and offer sensible and practical advice on all aspects of financial planning.
  • Sales – Kite Media will help you and your business get focussed and prioritised. Straight talking advice with an option to engage Kite as a sales leader and pitcher.
  • Business Development – Kite recognises that businesses can’t just stand still and identifying new sales leads, approaches and plans is key. Kite Media has a track record of taking businesses into new areas with successful outcomes.
  • Brand Development and Creative – Along with its partner Buzzword Creative, Kite Media offers originality of thought underpinned by out and out creativity.
  • Partnerships – 20 years within the BBC and BBC Worldwide has led Kite Media to stoically pursue the ideal of ‘partnerships are all’. Kite Media is well connected and well placed to offer advisory services and to deliver partner options – as well making direct introductions with key decision makers.
  • Speaking – Kite Media has regularly appeared on industry panels, at events as a speaker and in print.